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Welcome to Moneycop®  Counterfeit detector website.

 Here you will be able to learn, understand, compare and finally, order your Moneycop® Counterfeit Detector. Our device is the most trustable device used for detecting fake money in the market today. Its technology was created by professional engineers specialized in the area.

Description of our product: Moneycop detects fake money, fake ID’s and fake credit Cards

We are proud to show you in this website that our Moneycop® Counterfeit Detector is used by large corporations and small retail stores and even persons. Bottom line is: Moneycop® counterfeit detector device is extremely reliable to be used by any person at any given moment. Our fake money detector is electronic, it is reliable, and it is also portable.

Moneycop organizes our distribution system by designed areas and it is important to note that our counterfeit detector device comes with a “No questions asked One Year Warranty”.

You will be able to show and teach your customers or yourself the importance of the Moneycop Counterfeit detector device. It is important to learn that those black marker detector pens, known as black marker or magic marker fake money detector, only detects 40% of the counterfeited money in circulation. Not only will you spend your money by purchasing those fake money detectors but you will also still be a risk of getting counterfeited bills.

Moneycop® Counterfeit Detector is portable. In the “learn more” page will see and learn about Moneycop®. Imagine your customer out of the office or store, and collect some cash from his customer/friend or in some cases even from the bank, to find out later that the money is fake? How would your customer tell that person or client that the specific bill was given by him or her? The fact is: Not only he will lose the fake money, but you will probably lose your friend or client as well.

On the opposite side, imagine your customer being the one without knowledge passing the counterfeited bill as a change to his customer? Chances are that he will lose the customer. It is important to note that marketing research facts demonstrates that it costs 7 times more to get a new customer than to keep the ones they have.  Why risk? Moneycop® Counterfeit detector can help him or her to be protected against fake money at all times.

Visit our store page. It is easy, organized and fast shipping on all of the counterfeit detector orders. Our Counterfeit Detector is very cost effective and for only a fraction of the price of a large counting machine counterfeit detector, your customers will be protected.

Get yours now. Be safe, be smart. Be Moneycop®.
Welcome to the family.
For further questions, please contact us.



Moneycop is the newest technology to replace the counterfeit detector pen. Counterfeit detector pen (old iodine pens) only detects 40% of fake money.
Our device is Counterfeit bill detector that electronically detect the veracity of your bills. Making sure your revenue is safe.
Moneycop has the most reliable counterfeit detectors. Moneycop IS the most reliable counterfeit detector. Moneycop is the most reliable fake money detector in the market.
How to tell counterfeit money is very by simple using our fake money detector. Moneycop. Why would you use the fake money detector pen when moneycop available
counterfeit money laws and news are available in our news page.We teach you how to spot fake money with our counterfeit money detector.
Moneycop is the most reliable money detector and it is also used to detect fake money order and pictures of fake money.
Get your Moneycop fake money detector now. Get your Moneycop counterfeit money detector now.

Be safe, be smart. Be Moneycop - Counterfeit detector
Fake money detector



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