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4. A more detailed plan should be created for each online investment outlining the reason for the online investments, as well as an entry and exit strategy.

To try and start online investing without a clear plan is asking for trouble.

Remember - before you even look at an online investment report, you MUST decide how your wealth will be allocated and then draw up a long term how to investment plan that's right for you.

Asset Protection: Some Tips To Protect Your Wealth how do invest online

In business and accounting an asset is anything owned, whether in possession or by right to take possession, by a person or a group acting together, e.g. a company, the measurement of which can be expressed in monetary terms. Assets are listed on the balance sheet.

Since assets represent every material possession that a person or a company has, some steps should be taken in order to protect them.

Not everybody can afford a sophisticated asset protection plan: however, everybody can take some commonsensical steps to better-protect their hard-earned wealth and learn how to invest online.

Good advice to how invest online may save you of many headaches. Ask a lawyer to assist you every time you make a critical legal decision. If you have a friend who can help, that is great! If not, paying a lawyer a small amount of money now is a lot better than loosing a lawsuit that could cost you a 100 times more.

Insurance is always something to be considered. Your asset protection plan does offer a lot of safety to invest, especially if an expert devises it, but the value of a good policy is higher when you also have some adequate investment insurance.

Trust your asset protection issues to someone reputable, who has been in the online investment business for a while and has had success with their actions. Check out your business partner before you jump in - better to be cautious than be fooled by a scam.

Make sure to use the laws of the state you live in to the maximum. Each state has a few differences in asset related laws - when you are having serious credit problems, try to find the laws that favor your part before you invest online.

When liability-generating assets are mixed together, chaos strikes. Each of these assets should be kept on a separate plan and under different ownership for larger items of online investment and other assets. If you own a house and you own a business location, it is better if either of them is owned by a different name - someone you can trust, of course.

General partners might seem like a quick fix idea, but they are jointly liable. This means that any of the partners can commit the partnership to invest to a legal contract - avoid this potentially troublesome action if possible.

Showing off our wealth is common - but it is also dangerous. If people know you are rich, they may sue you. However, do not think that the best asset protection plan is to hide your riches completely. Make sure to have enough coverage from your investment plan and try not to center all of your belongings on your own name.

Many people are often afraid that future creditors will garnish their bank accounts without notice. In order to avoid this kind of danger, withdraw cash from the bank accounts and use the cash to purchase a variety of store gift cards or gift checks. Major chains such as Walmart and Target will sell unlimited number of prepaid store cards in $2,500 denominations. Then use these cards to buy all the food and other living necessities. The stores do not require identification when purchasing or using the cards. American Express gift checks are available for purchase in larger denominations. Rather the buy your own gift checks, give your cash to friends, have them buy the Amex gift checks, and then give you the gift checks which can be used as cash to purchase items and are protected against loss. How do invest online and How to invest online is here to help you.

Asset Protection: Some Tips To Protect Your Wealth to invest

Automatic Wealth: The Internet Makes It Possible to Online invest

Attaining wealth and prosperity is a dream most everyone has, but few ever achieve it. Why? The average person is stuck in a rut with a job they dislike and overwhelming debt. This cycle is hard to break, but many people are breaking out and achieving their financial goals through the Internet. The Internet has made it possible for millions of people to create automatic wealth, and there's still room for you! Here's how you can discover your Internet wealth dreams.

Create Wealth, Not Just an Income

With the Internet, the opportunity is there for you to create automatic wealth, not merely an income. You can build one automatic business or several until they reach prosperity - right from your own home computer. The Internet creates the ultimate wealth package because it's so vast in the number of people that use it, but yet, so personal in that one little niche market can earn you a fortune.

You can choose from thousands of online investment business ideas and pick one small market to target for your online business. A small market online, however, can mean big dollars for you because it might contain thousands or millions of prospects around the world. The Internet connects you to the outside world and doesn't limit you to those who drive or walk past your local store location.

Automated Business

Another reason it's more feasible to achieve automatic wealth online (invest online) is because you can have an automated business. Automated means it can run on auto-pilot once you design your website and set things in motion. You can receive automated payments through online forms. You can automate an e-zine (email newsletter) to your customers. You can automate electronic products by email such as e-books or training materials. There are a number of ways to create automated wealth with an Internet business.

No Longer Wait for Paychecks

Another advantage of an investing on Internet business is you can receive daily payments through your website. Many online investment business owners accept credit cards or use a third party payment processor such as PayPal or StormPay to accept payments from their customers. Through these venues, money goes directly into your account. This gives you a steady cash flow for your online business so you can have capital for your income, business promotion, and inventory.

Tips to Build Automatic Wealth

*Use your free time at home to surf the Internet and find online business and online investment opportunities that interest you.

*Join with one or a few others who are already successful so you can learn the basics of online invest business. Even if you need to make a small online investment, it could be well worth the training you'll receive.

*Decide on a online investment business that's right for you and schedule daily times to work on your business - promoting, analyzing, and building.

*Keep building until you've acquired enough automatic wealth to quit your day job!

Whatever Internet business you choose, remember that it takes patience and consistency to build an online business, just as it would any other type of business. The main differences are that you can work from your home as you're building the business, you can set your own work schedule, and you can earn a lot just by reaching a small niche market for almost any popular product. Start today with your new online business, and you too can soon realize your dreams!

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Online Investment Asset Allocation & Your Online Investment, Trade Stocks Online, and Online Trading Plan - A Blueprint For Wealth and online investmens. How do invest online.

Many of the wealthiest people in the world owe their fortunes to different types of residual income – from online investments, stocks and bonds to investment trusts, real estate, commodities and more. Invest online, In this chapter we’re going to discuss the importance of asset allocation how to invest online– how you spread your assets into different types of online investments products (from safe to speculative).

When we talk about asset allocation we refer to the various online investments in which we invest our cash. We can split our assets into three specific classes – security, buy/hold and speculative. It is advised that the largest chunk of your assets should fall into the security (approx 70%) bucket and this includes assets such as cash, ISAs, forex, online business, pension funds, home of residence, safe bonds and government securities. These are the safest of assets.

The next type of asset class is the “buy & hold” variety – these tend to be longer term investments that

are generally safe. Assets in this class include buy & hold stocks/mutual funds and investment real estate.

This type of asset is generally solid with the stocks being of high pedigree with sound fundamentals that

promise much for the future. The buy & hold chunk of your total assets should include approximately 15%

of your entire assets.

Finally, we come to the speculative class of assets – these are higher risk products that you jump in and

out of quickly for short term financial gains. These include stocks that you trade actively (jumping in

and out within a few days/weeks), IPOs, options & futures, warrants and some of the more speculative

mutual funds.

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Before you decide to enter into online stock investment it is worth drawing up a plan so that you can set your own rules about your asset allocation (and discover where you are right now) it is important to learn how to invest online. Ultimately, The 70/15/15 rule to asset allocation will depend upon the individual investor, their risk tolerance and their mindset. You can adjust the numbers to more closely match your attitude towards risk.
Many online investment experts believe that the investment asset allocation proportions should vary according to the investors age. For example those aged 40 or below may wish to employ a more aggressive strategy investing online where only 40% of assets are in security and 30% are held each in buy/hold and speculative investments. Again, how do invest online, your personal circumstances, preference to risk and other influencing factors should be considered before arriving at online investment of your personal asset allocation numbers.

Your online Investment Plan – The Most Important Thing To Create Before You Invest Online Even One Penny In The Markets.
How do invest online, one of my online businesses helps provide information and products to help other people set-up their own dot com businesses. One of the first things I advise my clients is to create a plan for their online investment business. A plan puts all those thoughts in your head together, combines then with online investment practical facts & figures and gives them a blueprint to get to exactly where they want to be in a structured and efficient way.

You’ve heard the motto for how to invest online, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! This applies as much (if not more) to online investments as it does to anything else in the world.

Here are just a small sample of things that your personal online investment plan should highlight:
1. What amount of money you have available to invest online and how this sum will be allocated within each different asset class.

2. How will you find suitable online investments? Will you learn about them yourself or will you seek out professional online investment advice (for example brokers or follow online investment gurus).

3. How you will cope psychologically when your online investments turn against you. The market moves heavily on psychology and how you react to situations can be the difference between winning and losing.

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The online trading market in which currencies are traded. The Invest Online and/or trade stocks online market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average traded value that exceeds $1.9 trillion per day and includes all of the currencies in the world. 

We will explain what is the online investments and we will explain how to invest in online. Our company will also show you what are the best online investment companies and the best way to invest online. 

There is no central marketplace for currency exchange" Forex"; trade is conducted over the counter. The online investing market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week and currencies are traded worldwide among the major financial centers of London, New York, Tokyo, Zürich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris and Sydney.

The online investing is the largest market in the world in terms of the total cash value traded, and any person, firm or country may participate in this market.

Online Trading A generic term that most commonly refers to the buying and selling of investments within a portfolio.Trade Stocks Online top invest online management can also include banking and budgeting duties, as well as taxes. But the term Investment Management most often refers to portfolio management and the trading of securities to achieve a specific investment objective.

What is investment management?

Investment management can take many forms. It can be done either by the consumer or a professional and can be passive, active, aggressive or conservative. It can refer to sophisticated trading techniques involving derivatives and alternative investments or merely the rolling over of CDs.

Investment management companies: We will explain more about investment management and also provide you the most reliable companies for investment management at our investment management page.

Online Trading Investment firms are business entities, both trade stocks online and invest online privately and publicly owned, that manage, sell, and market funds to the public. Investment firm typically offer investors a variety of funds and investment services, which include portfolio management, recordkeeping, custodial, legal, accounting and tax management services.

The best ways to trade stocks online is investment firm and to  a corporation or trust engaged in the business of investing the pooled capital of investors in financial securities. This is most often done either through a closed-end fund or an open-end fund (also referred to as a mutual fund). In the U.S., most investment firms are registered with and regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

Online Investment firm companies and how to use investment firm will be explained in depth at our investment firm page

Online Trading Foreign direct investing is an investment made by a company or entity based in one country, into a company or entity based in another country. Online Foreign direct investing trade stocks online differ substantially from indirect investments such as portfolio flows, wherein overseas institutions invest in equities listed on a nation's stock exchange. Entities invest online making direct investing typically have a significant degree of influence and control over the company into which the investment is made. Open economies with skilled workforces and good growth prospects tend to attract larger amounts of foreign direct investment than closed, highly regulated economies.

Our webiste will guide you with the most reliable foreign direct investing options.

To learn more about the foreign direct investing click on the foreign direct icon below.

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Free online investments. Learn before investing. 10 easy steps to learn in what you want to invest online. Trade Stocks Online
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Our services provides the best ways to Invest online moneycop.  Most successful investors are always serching for top online investments search and they include fores, futures, gols, penny stocks, real estate, bonds, equities, shares by getting the most out of their online investments results like investing in stock market investing online forex, futures,​ gold, penny stocks, real estate, bonds, equities and shares.

Online Investments search and the accessible stock market online investments search page

In only 10 steps you will learn what is the best way to invest online Investments based on your personality.

Lets begin. Choose one:

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Online Investing If you are looking for a great way to make money from the comfort of your own home and you do not have a lot of money to start with, I would like to suggest to you an investment you probably have never heard of before. Keywords: forex, how to invest online, invest online, how to invest online, online investments Article Body: If you are looking for a great way to make money from the comfort of your own home and you do not have a lot of money to start with, I would like to suggest to you an investment you probably have never heard of before. It is the largest and oldest financial market in the world, yet it is relatively unfamiliar to most people. Until just a few short years ago, it was primarily the domain of huge financial institutions and multinational corporations. Thanks to the internet, it is now possible for the average investor to get involved. So what is this market opportunity i am suggesting? It is called Forex, and stands for foreign currency exchange. It is a market in which one country's currency is traded against another. But it is a purely speculative market. No physical exchange of currencies ever take place. It is totally different from common markets like stocks and futures and does not take place on a regulated exchange. In the U.S., Forex is traded around the clock between Sunday evening and Friday evening. This makes it a perfect part time business as you can pick your own hours to trade. It has a daily trading volume of over one and a half trillion dollars, thirty times larger than the volume of all the U.S. equity markets combined. This tends to make it a highly liquid market and thus a desirable market to trade. There are many advantages to trading currencies over traditional investments like stocks, bonds and commodities. It has an up to 200 to 1 leverage for margin trading. Standard $100,000 unit currency lots can be traded with as little as one percent margin. Mini lots can be traded with as little as one half percent margin. Price movements are highly predictable. They tend to follow trends, so it is fairly easy for technical traders to spot new trends and breakouts, thus leading to many opportunities for entering and exiting trades. Start up costs are low. You can open up a mini account with as little as 300 dollars. There are no commission fees. Most brokerages will allow you to start up a demo account where you can practice making live trades with fake money. This allows you to become proficient with trading procedures without the risk of losing your hard earned dollars. You owe it to yourself to at least check out this opportunity and see if it is for you.

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How do Invest Online Forex Forecasts - You Never Know What You Will Benefit From How To Invest Online Possible risks and profits to be made can always be predicted if traders would only have more accurate forex forecast to base their trade and decisions upon. Forex forecasts are only one way of keeping up with the volatile forex market. Success will depend the most in knowing what and who will affect the rate changes. The forex market has already been through a lot of ups and downs that even fortune tellers would have difficulty guessing what will be its next movement. Mak... Keywords: Forex, How do invest online, How to invest online, Invest online, InvestingCurrency trading,forex trading,online forex,online forex trading Article Body: Possible risks and profits to be made can always be predicted if traders would only have more accurate forex forecast to base their trade and decisions upon. Forex forecasts are only one way of keeping up with the volatile forex market. Success will depend the most in knowing what and who will affect the rate changes. The forex market has already been through a lot of ups and downs that even fortune tellers would have difficulty guessing what will be its next movement. Making a forex forecast can be helpful but can also be too risky. Besides, doing it is not that easy also. In forex forecasts, nothing specific is given. The traders are not made to hope high and expect more. If you have seen or heard a forex forecast, be sure to check on some projected rate fluctuations whenever and wherever possible so you would have an idea it the forex forecast shows a likely possibility to be true or not. Staying in touch and up-to-date with the latest news and happenings around the globe and information about the forex currency can help traders determine when is the best time to buy, sell and stay away from a particular market. All these things are important in the performance of your trade. Take note of some forex forecasts if only to serve as guide whenever you are in a situation that you find hard to make a decision upon. How can one benefit from forex forecasts? There are some companies that are offering forex forecast information as a subscription that traders can avail of. For those who do not have enough patience and browse for information in the internet, this forex forecast information would be their alternative. No one said that there is a 100% accuracy in these forex forecasts. And no one told traders that they should also believe them 100%. If you want to have more degree of accuracy in the forex forecast, you could always find one with the most accurate percentage rate. You could look for something or someone that offers free information or a trail period for you to test the degree of their ability to give accurate forecast about the forex market. There are also some sites that send out forex forecast to emails that you may want to try out just so you will choice to choose from if you decide to avail the services of some of them. Relying only on one forex forecast is not the thing to do. You should at least have some more choices in the process of making an investment decision. Try to get more forex forecast from sources that are rampant online and offline so you would not stick to just one. The thing to remember is that your investments are your future and you have already worked too hard to just let it all down the drain. Do not put the future of your forex trade into the hands of only person. Try to get several forex forecast and choose the best one that you think has great ounces of accuracy up their sleeves. Before putting the future of your investments into the hands of those offering forex forecasts, make it a point to check out the latest that is happening in the forex trading and see if the trend is likely to go with what the predictions are telling about. If you think more about it, people doing forex forecasts would not be out there giving bad forecasts because their reputation is the one at stake there. They surely would not want to ruin the image they have by giving false predictions about things that they know people will listen to, would they? Like they say, traders should not believe all that is written in forex forecasts. Some but not all. There are still decisions to be made that will be based upon the trader itself and no amount or accuracy of forex forecasts can make that decision for them. Just to be on the right side of things, always make sure and do your own research that will back up the forex forecast you actually think is going to work. You never know what it will lead to…

Five Forex Trading Tips You MUST Know to invest online Forex How do invest online in forex Tips Five must-know tips on forex trading and mini forex to help you stay afloat in the Foreign Exchange currency market. Keywords: How do Invest Online, How TO INVEST ONLINE, Forex, FOrex online, invest, online, online investments Jumping into Forex trading with both feet? Here are five must-know tips on forex trading and mini forex to help you stay afloat in the Foreign Exchange currency market. Know your forex trading market. Educate yourself about the currencies that you trade. The more you know about the country whose currency you’re trading in the forex market, the more accurately you’ll be able to predict which way the money will move. Pick a forex trading system – and stick with it. Savvy forex traders will tell you that system is everything. Forex trading by system lets you automate your trades based on history, following the traditional peaks and valleys. Set up a system and live with it to make the most of your forex trading. Practice makes perfect – but it’s not the real world. Practice forex trading accounts are great for learning how a particular trading account works – but they’re not the real world. Many experienced traders recommend starting off with a mini forex account to minimize your losses while you get acclimated. Keep your eye on the margin. Margin trading is a great way to lose a lot of money quickly. Stay away from forex margin trading until you’re sure you know what you’re doing. The only win that counts in forex trading is the bottom line. In forex trading, the bottom line is how much money you made at the end of the day. Don’t count won or lost trades – only dollars and cents.

Title: How do invest online How to invest online Ten New Investment Concepts, the Time has come. Summary: There’s a rumor going around that the invest online or Mutual Funds are broken and just can’t work anymore, for a multitude of reasons. Here are some new and/or forgotten ideas that can get your online investment program back on track: Keywords: investment, financial plan, stock market, fixed income,online investment, investments, how do invest online, how to invest online, investments, investing How do invest online found there’s a rumor going around that the online investments or Mutual Funds are broken and just can’t work anymore, for a multitude of reasons. They’ve tried index funds, but these investments, too, have been less than impressive since they hit the street a few years back, and are now being enhanced... what does that say? Here are some new and/or forgotten ideas of how to invest online that can get your online investment program back on track: 1. Abandon the popular how do invest online averages: Over the past six years, all of the major investments averages are grossly negative or just beginning to get back toward their best past investments levels. At the same time, the NYSE advance/decline line has been extremely positive. Additionally, the last time the averages were up, issue breadth was totally negative. 2. And the basics of online investing, again, are what? How do invest online? Most investors confuse Quality with analyst expectations and think that online investments diversification means getting one of every online investing product type that’s out there. In fact, they are basic risk minimization tools that every online investor needs to use. 3. Appreciate the power of how do invest online income: Base Income just has to grow every year, period, for a person to have any hope of keeping up with inflation. That’s right, growing Market Value is inflationary… particularly with respect to hat size, and online investment income paves the road to retirement income. 4. How to invest online buy low (within reason), sell higher: Profitable company stock prices fluctuate just like unprofitable ones. Online Investments charts shows the difference is that the former are much more likely to move back up again. To invest online buy quality at lower prices (just like any other form of shopping), big BUT, set a reasonable (10% or so) profit-taking target… and pull the trigger. Re-load, and do it again. 5. Embrace The Working Capital Model: How do invest online on both portfolio Asset Allocation and Performance Evaluation, use the cost basis of your holdings as opposed to their online investment Market Value. This is the only way to use short time periods (a year being the shortest for anything at all meaningful) for any kind of online investing analysis. Also, as a bonus, you’ll never make another fixed income mistake. 6. Fall in love with Volatility, not with securities of any kind:How To Invest Online on Market volatility is one of the few things (if there are any at all) that you can be certain about. Use it wisely and it will shorten your road to online investment success. All too often, unrealized gains on the loved ones become realized losses on the tax return. 7. Remember Peak-to-Peak and Trough-to-Trough: There was a time when tests like these (and variations like P to T, or T to P) where the only valid (Market Value) tests of a manager’s ability. Learno how to invest online: They still are. I have never found a correlation between the calendar year and any market, interest rate, or economic cycle. 8. How do invest online corrections are every bit as lovable as rallies: In truth, online profit taking is more fun, and much easier decision-making than buying stocks while in the throes of a falling Equity Market. But one is just the flip side of the other, and you need to learn the lyrics to Every Day online investment just as you knew Peggy Sue. 9. Understand How do Invest online: The Investor’s Creed: How did online trading get a bad rep? What is an online stock exchange? Buy and hold just doesn’t fit. The key to invest online is timing (not market timing) and selectivity. In a online investment rising market you should be selling more than buying, resulting in a growing cash position. This is a good thing. In a falling market you should be buying more than selling, resulting in a smaller cash position… also a good thing. If you run out of cash while the online investment market is still falling, you are doing it right. By the same token, if you feel stupid having taken your profits and the market is still foaming, your brilliance will not be your only reward of how to invest online. 10. Investing online is not a competitive event: It’s all about you: your money, your risk tolerance, your goals, and your objectives. It doesn’t matter what the others are doing, why and how. How do invest online? Think about this. There is no average, index, or benchmark that can be compared to the online investment Market Value changes of a properly diversified portfolio. Nadda. 11. Invest online, Establish Rules and Apply Discipline… a bonus online investment idea. Just do it.

Investing Psychology - Know Thyself Summary: America will continue to be the land of opportunity and regardless of what course our economy takes over the next few years, it's likely that online investment opportunities will be numerous and attractive. How To Invest Online Companies driven by the ever increasing advancements in technology will emerge, while older how do invest online companies, out of necessity, will come forth with new investments products. One industry or another will enjoy a boom period relative to the rest. And, of course there will be casualties - there alway... Keywords: forex, stock trading, option trading, online investments, invest online, How Do Invest Online, How To Invest Online Article Body: America will continue to be the land of opportunity to invest and to invest online and regardless of what course our economy takes over the next few years, it's likely that investment and online investments opportunities will be numerous and attractive. How to ivest online Companies driven by the ever increasing advancements in technology will emerge, while older how do invest online companies, out of necessity, will come forth with new products. One industry or another will enjoy a boom period relative to the rest. And, of course there will be casualties - there always is. For the astute investor, Online Investments there's always opportunities to buy online investments (stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, etc.) before "the crowd" finds out and it's already over-valued or to buy a so-called "blue chip" temporarily out of favor, at a depressed price. How To Invest Online In many instances, the differences between great rewards and huge losses are subtle. However, before you can embark anew or jump back into the game you must ask yourself several questions wrapped into one. They can be lonely ONLINE INVESTMENT questions because only you can answer them. It involves not only how much money you feel comfortable investing but it also takes into account the level of risk you are comfortable with. First, does your financial condition permit you to invest Online; second, How To Invest Online? can you assume the current risk implicit in the markets; and third, is the market a safe place for you to be. How do Invest Online? Let's take them one at a time. Your Financial Position One point should be made clear at the outset: you don't have to be wealthy to invest online. In the past, insiders have trumped the belief that online stock ownership is a rich man's game but with approximately 50% of american households currently in the market that is no longer the case. The goals of the small investor learn how to invest online is not of enlarging their fortune because clearly they currently don't have one but to make available some money, however small, for the purpose of growing it over time knowing the best how do invest online. Regardless of your income level, Online investment is possible if three conditions are met: 1. If you are relatively assured of a steady income. Of course, these days nothing is set in stone. 2. If you are meeting your current household expenses and obligations. 3. If you have cash reserves with which to meet unforeseen emergencies. You have to decide how much but I would suggest enough to cover 3 months of living expenses. Of course, these conditions are simply safeguards due to the inescapable fact that stock prices fluctuate and that your judgment of when to buy, when to sell and how long to hold should never be dictated by outside circumstances. Investment and Online Investments should be undertaken only with funds you can honestly and legitimately earmarked as discretionary. A reserve also enables you to pick and choose. Whether you have a few hundred or a few thousand lying around to invest online should not automatically mean that it's time to invest it. What's the hurry? How do invest online? As the professionals say, "The market is always there." If the trend isn't to your liking or price's are over-valued a reserve allows you the luxury of waiting for more favorable conditions TO INVEST ONLINE. Finally, a reserve permits to investment over a period of time rather than all at once. Some "experts" feel you should back what seems to be a good situation with all the investment funds at your command. Others will warn against greed and advise partial investment to spread the risk. This how do invest online website is not the place to discuss the merits of either philosphy. The point is to give yourself the flexibility of moving whatever way "your" judgment dictates to get the best to How To Invest Online. Your Personal Situation to Invest Online Your age, health, the number of dependents you support, the kind of job you have, or the type of goals you have set for yourself are just a few of the possible factors that will weigh into your investment decisions. Unfortunately, there is no rule, no prescription, no secret formula to follow. The story is told of two salesmen who met at the airport. Their conversation went something like this: "How's business?" asked the first. "Oh, very good," said the second, "and yours?" "Fine, fine," said the first. "I got orders for a thousand gross last week. I sell buttons." "Really," said the second. "I've had one order in the last three years." "and you call that good?" said the first. "Actually yes," said the second, "I sell suspension bridges." Like the salesmen, the investor must have a clear notion of his goals and expectations and they must realize what is normal and acceptable to someone else might not be what is normal or acceptable to them. What Kind of Person You Are Consideration of your investment goals brings up the final point of personal evaluation - You. Very simply because your goals are a reflection of your temperament and personality. You must go beyond your goals and pin down the traits and characteristics they stem from. Are your goals realistic? How do you regard money? How do you handle it? Are you easy-come, easy-go or do you count pennies? Are decisions involving money difficult for you to make? Are you on top of your budget or always running to keep up? These are generalized questions and there are no absolute answers. Speculators should stay out of the market, but on the other hand, being a tight-wad is no virtue either. An overly cautious or conservative temperament may not be well-suited to react to the ever changing market conditions and thus miss out on opportunities to sell or buy. The value in knowing thyself and how you will likely respond in a variety of financial situations is vital. Any personality type can count profits but it requires a certain rigor, a certain fortitude to face up to the adverse situations that investing unveils. If you have a character flaw, losing money will quickly expose it. How do Invest online In a now famous pronouncement, the elder Morgan stared at a questioner who wanted to know what stock prices would do and he said, "They will fluctuate." The statement is as pertinent today as it was then. As a result, the question you must ask becomes, "How will I respond when they do?" If you "Know Thyself" you'll have the answer.

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